Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to choose M.Pharm project....PART-1

Many times in my facebook ''Pharma times'' group students asked me about choosing a project. I have a deep concern regarding most of postgraduate pharmacy students worrying regarding this problem..Hello guys, here I am including what the critical things you need to consider before choosing a project.

Here few tips been included to narrow down your ideas towards choosing a specific research project. I know most of the students needs this guidance in part of their student life, hope this info gives you a really valuable directions...All the very best.

Step 1: Select broad themes you are interested.

(1) The first thing you need to do is jot down the general themes what makes you interest in your subject area. If you are doing masters then think about what topics make you interested in your masters degree.

(2) Then think about ''HOT'' topics in your field. For this one you need to look for either in the research papers or in the popular journals like ''Science Direct'' or ''Pubmed''

(3) Look for popular discussions about your interested topic in discussion forums relevant to pharmacy profession.

(4) Consider to think about your interests from your childhood and young age. So far you got some idea so what you need to do is take a pen and paper and write down your thoughts.

Step 2: What are particular things making you interest in those themes?

This is the step you need to put little bit more effort, in fact it is for example: In the general theme if you got up with one or more questions need to be answer then consider them as separably and make the list of your interesting themes under those generalized them.  By doing this you come to know about the topics of your interest in the priority wish list.

Step 3: Ask questions about those topics of interest?

So it is a time to think about asking questions yourself about the topics of interest. These questions you need investigate further in your project, think about these questions in details and try to think it's relevance to other topics of interest.

Step 4: Now it is a time to think about your research question viability.

Once you have the questions of interest, try to think about it's sensibility and appropriateness about answering the question. Here 'Viability' is whether the project is manageable to do at your institute or not and the timeline required to do such a project. 

Step 5: Final choice be careful.

After going through stage 4 several times, you will think about possible viable projects options. The last question but very important question ask yourself : Does the topic really exciting you or not?. For this question your answer need to be 'YES'. You need to be live up with this topic for few months or possibly for one year in case of postgraduate people and it requires 3 years for doctoral students. 

We will discuss further analysis in terms of specific subject related projects  in the next post...If you have any doubts feel free to comment below the post.

With regards,
Santhosh Rao Mennani


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